Client Testimonials

We had long admired Darren’s creative mind before we approached him for designing our new home. We decided we wanted that dream home, the one that you plan to live in forever and from that day he was all in on every little aspect. It started with the base design and has gone all the way to the final product including inside furnishing and style to the outdoor landscaping design, we could not have asked for anything more. Darren’s biggest strength is his passion for the job and wanting the best for the clients, we were amazed at the distinct eye he has had throughout the start to end of the process and what he has delivered is a home that looks nothing like we would have thought at the start, but we truly love what he has created. He took the brief and nailed it!

Clients of Richmond Place

Our home was designed with creativity, elegance and excellent execution. From observing the work of Darren in his own home, we discovered his vision in designs coincided with what we wanted to achieve in our first home.

We wanted to design a house that was unique, and displayed personality, which Darren did exceptionally. Darren designed it all, starting from tiles to furniture to paintings and more. He took care of everything and enabled us to enjoy the process of designing our home without the usual stress. Under Darren’s instructions everything was taken care of. Every detail was done to perfection and displayed the creativeness Darren possess.

We gave Darren the opportunity to take the reins and put our future home in his hands to design and we couldn’t be happier with the final product. Darren had a vision for the end product which was evident in the perfect design and execution.

Love Rosie and Nick

We were introduced to Darren at a house warming. It was friends of ours that Darren had created this amazing house. We were told that he had also done the interior design and landscaping as well. We were blown away and thought if we could employ Darren, we should investigate for ourselves.

Darren was amazing. Such fresh forward thinking ideas that we never would have come up with. I think the beauty of having someone like Daz do your home, is it takes all the stress of the detailing out of what your not necessarily in understanding. Darren explains things so well. In all it was the best move we ever made. For those considering having Darren Grayson design their home, sit back and let Daz do what he does best. Trusting him was the best move we made. Deepest thanks,

Michael and Michelle

There were two homes side by side in Sanctuary Lakes and they were both equally as stunning as each other. I said to my wife, I’ll pull over and you go and ring the bell and ask them who designed your house. The woman was lovely and explained to us that it was entirely designed inside and out by Darren Grayson. She couldn’t speak highly enough, saying he was a holistic designer. We didn’t really get that but she wasted no time in explaining. Then she said the house next door is also designed by him as well. When we got back in the car we discussed that we would go home and check out Darren Grayson on google and the rest is history.

What a down to earth giving person he was. With in a week we had our contracts signed and Darren created absolute magic for us. Thank you Daz for all the extra effort in your amazing creative mind you put into our home. We love it, our kids love it and whether we are just living life of entertaining, the name is always brought up.

Proud Darren Grayson Home Designer Owner

Despite the large size of the house everything superfluous is hidden away to make rooms appear more streamline and spacious. Its clearly evident that tremendous amount of Thought has gone into the overall design process.,which transcend into a vast ,spacious and integrated layout. Even the small details like speaker locations for music to bounce around the house, endless power-points and maximising natural light access.

The neighbouring houses were built around the same time, but this house’s style appears ageless and still modern.

During daytime it has no issues standing out but at night with the sharp angles and direct lighting it single-handedly slows local traffic. Darren Grayson is a designer with impeccable style and would recommend him to anyone wanting a man of detail and passion!

Looking for a modern, contemporary home , THE house which was designed and builded so many years ago ,and still today is everyone’s Dream Home …..Look no further..Darren Grayson..

Owners of Skyward Place