House Designer – Geelong, Victoria

Pricing Structure

When it comes to pricing structure there are several important things to consider. When working with an architect, you are paying , in most cases, a percentage of the build cost. This can vary anywhere from 10 to 14% of the build cost. Now consider, what are you getting for your money spent. A designed home, does it include interior finishes, colour palette, furniture design and or selection. How about landscaping, plant selection, the concept design of the front and back living areas, really the list can go on.

Darren Grayson Home Designer is a holistic design approach that works a pricing structure on a set fee, not only do you received the supreme service of design, project management and all the finishing touches, there are no hidden surprises and your fee doesn’t go up the more you spend on your home build.

Darren’s inclusive packages are structured according to what your wanting to achieve as a finished product. The way this is structured is as follows THE PREMIUM DESIGN PACKAGE , THE HOME AND INTERIOR PACKAGE, THE HOME, INTERIOR AND OUTDOOR PACKAGE.

A Sit down consultation will help us decide which package is going to best suit your project. We will Flesh out the things that are essentially important to achieve the style and traffic flow that is going to not only be visually pleasing but also achievable to your decided budget. There are so many variables to the commitment we can offer you, that’s why we offer you the options to satisfy your requirement.

Pricing structures start at $30,000 and range anywhere to $150,000 depending on the detail of employment and level of project management engaged on the project.

In the big picture, you have a total creative holistic designer at a price that is by far more accessible and cost effective giving your budget a great delivery not to mention one creative mind to handle the reins for you or with you!