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Geelong’s Holistic Home Designer

Darren Grayson Home Designer

Holistic Home Design is more than drawing a beautiful space and bringing it to life.

Darren’s approach to designing living spaces considers the¬†athletics, but also the interconnectedness of every element of the home.

This takes into account the physical, emotional, and functional needs of the individuals who will be living in the home, as well as the impact the design will have on the surrounding environment.

Holistic home design often incorporates sustainable materials, energy-efficient features, and natural lighting to create a healthy and comfortable living space.

The goal is always to create a harmonious balance that promotes wellbeing.

This is only achieved by placing your trust in the Darren Grayson team to complete the project, from concept to finishing touches. Because the beauty is in the detail.

The Process

Next steps to working with the Darren Grayson Home Design team.


We’ll meet & discuss the big beautiful vision for your home.


We define budget, timeline & conceptualise the project.


We work closely with the build team and co-create your home.

About Darren

Darren Grayson Designers is a Geelong based design company, established in the year 2000 after Darren designed his own home located in Eastern Gardens, Geelong.

Since 2022, Darren has conceptualised dozens of homes, all with holistic design at the centre. Each project is a beautifully unique extension and expression of the client.

I look forward to sitting down and discussing possibilities of the future together!


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